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Infinite Love Yoga LLC is conveniently located near Downtown Erie. You’ll find us inside The Studio at St. Mary’s: Space to Create, 310 East 10th Street. Free, well-lit, parking is provided in the parking lot behind the building, accessible from both E. 9th and E. 10th Streets.

The historic building’s architecture and radiant, natural light provide a safe, nurturing, and sacred space. 

The Studio at St. Mary’s: Space to Create, built in 1866, serves as a creative space with former classrooms repurposed as studios.  In 2017, it was awarded Preservation Erie’s Greater Erie Award, given annually to individuals, businesses, or organizations that are exceptional stewards of the physical and cultural landscape of Greater Erie, PA.


You can breathe easy knowing our classes are inclusive, trauma-informed, and adaptable. We encourage the use of props and provide modifications and options to meet you right where you are today. By focusing on mindfulness, movement with breath, interoceptive awareness, and nervous system self-regulation, you’ll experience a transformative shift, and a sustainable practice that can change and evolve with you throughout your life.

Practicing yoga consistently improves brain health, flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as providing numerous physiological benefits. Come practice with us and see for yourself. We have a space for you!

Infinite Love Yoga LLC offers a variety of classes to fit your schedule. Please register to save your seat. Plan to arrive about ten minutes early to set up for class. Our building is secure and someone will welcome you at the door.

Current class and series offerings may be subject to change.

Slow, Mindful Yoga

Come feel the difference slowing down can make. A consistent practice encourages mindfulness, helps you self-regulate your nervous system, increases peace and happiness, and helps you connect to a clearer sense of identity, and purpose. Classes include slow, mindful movements, flows, briefly holding asanas, pranayama, subtle energy practices, and classical yoga teachings. Slow, Mindful Yoga is Subtle(tm) Yoga inspired and completely unique. 

Invigorating, Mindful Yoga

This is a practice designed to get your body moving, breath flowing, and energetic vibration rising. Similar to Slow, Mindful Yoga but, with a slow to more moderate pace.  Traditional yoga practices, holding asanas, and flows that invigorate provide a mindful and balanced daytime practice. 

Yoga for Daily Living

Learn a new weekly focus on yoga as it applies to daily living, encompassing the physical function of the body and awareness of mind-heart connection. Classes include a short meditation, somatic movement, yoga asana, breath work, and classical yoga teachings. The pace is slow and intentional.

Mat Pilates

Mat pilates is a strengthening and lengthening series of exercises that focus on your core muscles. Pilates requires patience, concentration, and leveraging your own body weight as you practice breath control and slow, precise movements.  

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Breathe and Flow

The journey of breath and movement can be one of joy, peace, and balance. Vinyasa means linking movement with breath. Center yourself in compassion and focus on bringing awareness to your breathing, using it as a guide to move you through a moderate-paced flow. 

Satya Hatha

Come find your truth in a classical, Hatha yoga class. Hatha is one of the foundational forms of yoga.  Hold each pose with focus on the breath, while maintaining balance. Class may include some slow to moderate flows. Hatha is gentle enough for most bodies and seeks to harmonize body, mind, and spirit, aiming for spiritual growth.

Workshops & Events

We offer a variety of ever-changing workshops, series, and events; both in the studio, and on location with our partners in the community. We strive to provide workshops and events that  encourage you on your journey, and provide life-enhancing skills.  We believe that by making a positive impact on ourselves as individuals, we are better able to take action in the world to make a positive impact on others.

You’ll find currently scheduled Workshops & Events on our Calendar.

Contact us for more information.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness sessions can be tailored toward your group’s specific needs or employees can attend the classes of their choice at the studio. If you would like to include yoga classes, a meditation session, or custom workshop, into your Corporate Wellness program, we can help. Our central location is the perfect lunchtime or after work sanctuary, or we can come directly to you or your corporate retreat.  We have worked with baristas, teachers, health care workers, and more. Let’s talk about how we can help guide your employees on their journey to whole health with a regular yoga practice. 

Contact us for more information.

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be a great option if you’d like to discuss and practice modifications, brush up on your alignment, or encourage the release of stress or trauma in a safe and nurturing setting. 

Infinite Love Yoga also offers private sessions for groups. We can work with your team on balance and flexibility, provide stress relief to a group of friends, offer a restorative session, or add something new to your family reunion itinerary. There are many reasons to host a private yoga class. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Rates vary based on the type of class and number of participants.

Contact us to learn more.

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