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Infinite Love Yoga LLC is your home for yoga, whole health, and intentional living. Come practice with us and you’ll see; things are just different here!

We are a community-based studio with a collective of experienced, compassionate, yoga instructors and practitioners who are devoted to helping you know yourself fully and care for yourself more deeply. Your journey is a personal one, and we are here to assist you on your unique path. We want to see you thrive both on and off the mat.

Our studio is a sacred, peaceful space where yoga and meditation have been practiced for years.  You can feel it when you walk through the doors. 

Our classes and workshops help support you by embracing the complete system of yoga. We respect, honor, and appreciate the roots of classical yoga and the culture where it began.

We welcome all with an open heart. We have a space for you. 


“Practicing yoga during the day is a matter of keeping your eyes on the road and one ear turned toward the infinite” -Erich Schiffman


Meditate on the Self

as being

Vast as the sky,
A body of energy
Extending forever in all directions –
Above, below, all around.

In the embrace of infinite space,
Awaken to your true form –
Divine Creative energy
Revealing Herself as you.

-Radiant Sutras, Yoga Sutras


Community is at the heart of all we do. Infinite Love Yoga LLC is a community-centered space with a collective of instructors and practitioners you can trust.

Our welcoming and open-hearted instructors are kind, patient, and understanding. They are also incredibly experienced, well trained, and fully grounded in their personal practices. Many have been practicing and teaching for decades. All of our yoga instructors are certified and registered with Yoga Alliance.

We are life-long learners, continually adding to our education, reading the latest research and practicing new techniques to help you feel your best and thrive in your practice, on and off the mat. 

Come practice with us!

Amy VanScoter

Founder, Owner & Instructor

Christina Ohmer

Yoga Instructor

Melanie Henderson

Yoga Instructor

Diana Greishober

Yoga Instructor

Olga Ogirya

Pilates Instructor

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